Amateur Radio at the Canadian Scout Jamboree

73 from the Jamboree!

We were on the air from beautiful Camp Nedooae in Elderbank, Nova Scotia from July 8th through 15th! Thousands of youth and volunteers enjoyed a great jamboree and many had their first introduction to Amateur Radio in the radio tent.
QSL cards from the Jamboree will be sent in the coming weeks via the usual bureaus.

HF Bands
We operated on most of the following HF bands using the World Scout Calling Frequencies and others:
80mLSB3.690 MHz
40mLSB7.090 and 7.190 MHz
20mUSB14.290 MHz
17mUSB18.140 MHz
10mUSB28.390 MHz

HF Equipment consisted of an iCom IC-746PRO transceiver, an off-center-fed dipole for 80/40/20m, and an HF vertical for 20/17/12/10m.

We also operated VHF 2m via local repeaters (below) and IRLP.

VE17JAM used 2m repeater VE1HAR (Truro NS) 147.135+ (IRLP 2370) and local 2m repeater VE1MHR (Musquodoboit Harbour NS) 147.030+ (no IRLP).
VHF equipment consisted of an iCom IC-208H transceiver and a VHF vertical antenna.

HARC Club Support

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club (HARC), especially Bill VE1MR, Dick VE1AI, Doug VE1LDL and Tom VE1GTC, for their assistance with equipment and operations.